Christian Medical College - [CMC]
Vellore, Tamil Nadu
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Christian Medical College [CMC] - Overview

Founded in 1900 by Dr. Ida Scudder, the Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore is a well-known private Christian medical college and hospital complex in Vellore, India. It has expanded into a network of primary, secondary, and tertiary care hospitals that provide a wide range of medical services and contribute significantly to India's healthcare developments.

Key facts:

  • Dr. Ida Scudder, an American missionary, founded the organization in 1900 to provide medical care to Indian women and children.
  • Offers a variety of postgraduate courses in medical, nursing, and allied health professions, including Ph.D. programs.
  • Annual enrollment exceeds 2,600 students.
  • Has 11 hospital facilities that serve over 8,000 outpatients and 2,000 inpatients per day.
  • India Today (2022) ranks second among Indian medical colleges.
  • Contains a variety of specialized departments, including a separate mental health center and rehabilitation facility.
  • Known for pioneering efforts such as carrying out India's first successful open heart surgery and kidney transplant.
  • Actively involved in community health projects such as CHAD, RUHSA, CONCH, and LCECU.